Greg Bearden, owner of Bearden Outdoor Adventures.

Greg Bearden, owner of Bearden Outdoor Adventures.

   Looking to hit the trail and get a little dirt under your nails? Are you ready for an outdoor adventure you can truly call your own?

Hi, I’m Greg Bearden, owner of Bearden Outdoor Adventures and I can help with your next trail experience!
Maybe you don’t know where to go, or perhaps the weight of your 1980s pack and its contents still give you nightmares from past trips. Let me help you into the twenty-first century of hiking! I’ve covered many miles on the trails, planned many trips, and i know what it takes to have fun on the trail.
I want you to enjoy your experience on the trail, and together we can plan a trip especially tailored for you and your preferences.

Here’s how we do it. We build your adventure around your skills, abilities and trail preferences. We have thousands of miles of trails located in stae parks, national parks, and recreational areas within Tennessee. Whether you are a novice, seasoned veteran, or anybody in-between, you
are closer than you think to immersing yourself in the quiet solitude of a tree enveloped trail or bathing your feet in a cool mountain stream. Many of the trails are less than a two-hour drive from Spring Hill, Tn.

Don’t worry about the gear. I have enough high-tech, ultra-light, gear to outfit an army! Well, not an army but I certainly have enought for you and a few of your friends! We will pick the gear that is best for you to ensure the most comfortable, lightweight, and quality gear around.
You can depend on the performance of your gear. I carefully choose the gear and test it for strength, weight, and durability for optimum trail performance so you will know it’s worthy of a Bearden Outdoor Adventure!

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Greg – Found you through the, Hike the Smokies, facebook page.
    Do you go with? Or do you help plan the trip, provide the gear, give us some pointers, and send us on our merry way?

    (sorry if you see this twice – the first post didn’t show)

    • I sent you a reply on your page. Please check it out. I do go with you and I also provide pointers and show you how to use the gear that I provide. Looking forward to hearing from you and your friends!

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